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ATV Park/Race Track

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    Extensive and rapid destruction of the Guadalupe River bank is occurring in the flood plain at Brinks Crossing on River Road near Center Point.  Loud dirt bikes appeared during December and were followed by heavy dirt moving equipment.  Since then bulldozers have excavated the entire area between the road and the river into an off road race track.
       Construction and excavation needed for dirt track racing would usually not be questioned on private property in an appropriate location.  The issue of river bank destruction, alteration of a special flood hazard zone and close proximity to residences are major concerns with this expanding operation.  How much noise, dirt and traffic pollution must nearby residents endure?  Do we really need one more group tearing up the river?
     It is also against the law.  Federal regulations prohibit construction, earthmoving, or other activities in a special flood hazard zone.  Such alteration in the flood zone endangers personal safety and property of others living upstream and downstream during flooding.