Serving Kerr County with a Conscience


            We now have five quarries along the river from Flat Rock Dam to government crossing in Center Point.  All are located in the small strip of land between Texas Highway 27 and the Guadalupe River.   A drive along River Road to the south will give you an introduction to the destruction of our river’s beauty, the noise pollution, the dust emitted into the air and the tremendous amount of water used by the operations to wash gravel and control dust. 
            Such operations have been called surface mines, gravel pits, gravel mines and quarries.  For our purposes we are calling them quarries.  We will attempt to keep you updated on their status and will begin with a brief thumbnail on each as you move west to east on Highway 27 beginning at the Silver Creek Bridge and the airport.
            1.  Rountree Rockcrusher Quarry
·        large operation, behind airport industrial park,  not visible from the highway 
·        located on the river bank
·        operates 7 days a week
·        gravel trucks enter & exit from dirt road marked by mailbox  as 5250 Hwy 27, Bar C      
·        located in Kerrville’s extra territorial jurisdiction
·        rockcrusher produces noise factor for residential neighbors seven days a week.
·        harmful air quality due to dust emissions from rockcrusher, quarry operations and the large gravel trucks traveling the dirt road  

            2.  Martin Marietta Quarry
·     first operation visible from HW 27
·        international company leasing land from outside investor
·        digging began in 2007
·        they are expanding digging toward the river
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            3.  Drymala Quarry
·        Not visible from Hwy 27.  Right turn on Sutherland Rd. notes quarry on right.
·        Locally owned by Joseph J. Drymala who has previously abandoned his quarry in far eastern Kerr county which is visible from the Hwy 27 adjacent to the large columned white house on the premises.
·        Has air quality permit issued by TCEQ.  This permit is required for batching operations and is intended to control particulate emissions greater than 10 microns.  Particulate emissions less than 10 microns diameter are not controlled. 

            4.  Bedrock Quarry
·        Large quarry located at 5529 HW 27.
·        Owned by Martin Marietta a publicly traded, international corporation.
·        Martin Marietta has many quarry operations in Texas with support of lobbyists and attorney representation on both the local, state &  federal level.
·        Gene Williams, General Manager of HGCD, issued a well permit for this quarry to pump 15,304,750 gallons of water per year from the Middle Trinity Aquifer which is their only water source.   A cadre of their corporate professionals attended the HGCD meeting when the permit was discussed.  They were not needed.  Williams had already granted the permit.
·        Martin Marietta is currently attempting to secure adjoining properties for expansion.

            5.  Wheatcraft Materials, Inc.
·        Locally owned and operated by Curtis Wheatcraft.
·        Located just beyond traffic light in Center Point.
·        This quarry utilizes river water when available.  Well permits allow significant groundwater pumping as back-up even during periods of drought.
·        Their TCEQ application for an air quality permit allowing an on-site rock crusher was withdrawn after persistent opposition from local citizens, the GREAT organization (Guadalupe River Environmental Action Team) and the TRPA (Texas River Protection Assoc).  This permit would have allowed Wheatcraft to bring rock and old concrete onto the site for crushing.