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River Watch

As the drought takes its toll on the Guadalupe River everyone agrees that the river is low. The US Geological Survey gauges along the river scientifically confirm the severity of the decreasing river flow.  The USGS records this flow as cubic feet per second (cfs).   Kerr County Conscience began receiving this data in May 2010.  River flow has been trending downward over the past year but current flows require attention because they are historic lows in the USGS records.  Their gauges are located on the North Fork near Hunt, below Town Creek Dam for Kerrville, below Flat Rock Dam for Center Point and below the HW 87 bridge in Comfort. We will post the cfs as they arrive from each site.  

Pumping from the river has been seriously curtailed for the city of Kerrville, industrial, commercial, agricultural and mining operations along the river.  Private enterprises are required to use Right of First Capture i.e. as long as river water is available they must pump from the river.  When they can no longer pump from the river they begin using their well permits to pump from the aquifer.  Residential demand on the aquifer will also be great as we move into the summer months. We usually receive more rain in May than any other month.  With most areas of the county receiving less than an inch of rain this May, the persisting hot southerly winds and predictions of more months of below normal rainfall demands on the aquifer will be great as it becomes our primary source of water. 

Map of below normal 7-day average streamflow compared to historical streamflow for the day of year


Pasted Graphic

cfs on May 21, 2010
cfs on May 31, 2011
North Fork near Hunt
Center Point

Click a graph below to visit the USGS website for the latest data.





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