Serving Kerr County with a Conscience


Verde Creek
Water issues in Kerr County revolve around future conditions of our primary water source, the Trinity Aquifers.  Future conditions and planning usually project fifty years into the future in increments of 5 to 10 years.  While Kerr county residents want to retain current water quality and maintain or increase aquifer levels,  aquifer levels have been decreasing as population increased over the past fifty years.  Aquifer recharge is slow and has been less than drawdown (pumping) during this time frame.

Recent attempts to discuss desired future conditions in Kerr County have resulted in charges of anti-growth, anti-development and interference in individual property rights.  Individuals with domestic wells including farmers and ranchers have responsibly managed our water resources for many years.  Poorly planned commercial and industrial development is Kerr County's major water problem.  Population growth has only multiplied the issue.  

Answers are not clearcut.  Public participation is needed.  That participation should focus on what all residents need the desired future conditions of the aquifers to be over the next 5yrs., 10 yrs. and even further into the future.