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What is Kerr County Conscience? 
Kerr County Conscience is a grassroots organization formed in the summer of 2009 and based in Kerr County, Texas.  At that time, two events took place that spurred our civic activism:
  • A severe drought debilitated Kerr County, and the County experienced the largest failure of private landowners' wells in its history.  Both City and County governments proved themselves to be inadequate in their responses to this crisis.
  • In spite of the fact that the City of Kerrville and Kerr County went on severe water restrictions, developments proposed by local interests, who were a part of what we call the “Kerr Machine” continued to be approved.  These unsustainable developments not only involved a criminal waste of our regional water resources, but also flagrantly ignored other important land use processes such as flood plain preservation, safe highway access and egress, protection of scenic views for tourism, and secure solid waste disposal next to the Guadalupe River.
We started looking at local developments--both in the past and for the future--more closely, and found that some of the decisions that were being made at the City and County level appeared to be made for the wrong reasons: not because these decisions were in the residents' best interests, or because they were well thought out and carefully considered, but because the developments would benefit a small group of individuals.
We noticed that many of the decision-making processes, including appointments of “buddies” and “friends” to city and county boards, only paid lip-service to public involvement.   Indeed, an oft-repeated series of events would be that, first, our governments would unilaterally make decisions that would affect private landowners; the public would find out long after the planning and funding were underway; and then the landowner would have to spend hours of their time and many private dollars on attorneys, attempting to protect their property values, or their water.
Like practically everyone in our modern world, we at KCC have very busy lives, juggling family, finances, and work.  We really didn't have the time to start a new organization--but we felt we had to, that the future of our region was at stake.  We also believe that our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit the beauty and grandeur of this wonderful place we live in, Kerr County, Texas. 

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Our Objective

Our Objective
To promote growth and development that we can be proud of in twenty years.

Our Mission

Our Mission
1. To protect our property and families from the adverse affects of inappropriate development, including:
- a lowering of single family, private property values;
- potential loss of life and property by ignoring wise floodplain management;
- a loss of rural character; and
- a downward spiral in our quality of life in Kerr County, Texas.

2. To safeguard the health of all residents by insuring access to clean air and pure water for EVERYONE.
3. To conserve and preserve our natural resources—the land and its wildlife—for future generations.
4. To place more emphasis on tourism as economic development, instead of runaway building.

How do we hope to accomplish our Mission?
We hope to accomplish our Mission in four ways:
1. Public Education
2. Encouraging active public participation in the government process
3. Making our community more aware of government activities
4. By being involved in the political process

Current Priorities

Citizens of Kerr County determine our priorities.

Our compass is your insight and suggestions.

Future Water Sources  
Current water availability is stressed.  Planning by city & county officials does not mention the 50% projected population increase.  What are your thoughts for future water stewardship?  Do you think a reliable water source should be required before subdivision of land is approved?  Should economic development plans identify a reliable water source as well as the impact on established residential water supplies?  Please share your ideas by

Dry Wells
Has your well gone dry? Did recent rains restore your water?  If so, is it pumping normal amounts?  Please give us an approximate location via email.  Thanks for your help.

Do you recall previous droughts?  Please share your recollections, insight and concerns on the Get Involved page, the blog or email us
here.  We are attempting to compare our recent drought with previous droughts.

Do you have photos, newspaper articles verbal accounts or other information of floods along the Guadalupe River or it's tributaries?  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to review this information.  Please contact us


1. Water

Kerr officials continue to ignore the widening gap between increased water demand and declining supply.

Old River Road RV Park

Greed, denial of facts and the absence of leadership is facilitating construction of a large RV park in a known flood plain.

Wellborn Cemetery

Family Cemetery in jeopardy due to Old River Road RV Park.

Quarries (Gravel Pits)

Quarry operations expanding in Kerr county.

ATV Park/Race Track

Developers building in flood plain.

Please visit the rest of our pages and be sure to check out our News page where you will find the most current information regarding Kerr County and Hill Country issues.